Homework for Wed Aug 31, 2016

Reading – Start reading the book. Chapter 1 and 2 at the very least.

Writing – Page 2 of your Workbook – Where do you hear voiceover artists?

We discussed this in class. You need to know the areas of voiceover work. Each has potentially different people to contact. Each can use different skill sets.

There are lots and lots of different kinds of work out there. Name at least 12 different areas where people will pay money to have someone read their script.

Scripted voiceover work.

This means that sports guys who do commentary on the radio would NOT be included in this list. They are not reading from a script. The generally doesn’t include pod casts as the people doing the pod cast are usually speaking extemporaneously – except for brief written introductions or thanking their sponsors formally.

You were given the broad area of TV Commercials as an example. And we have talked about several more areas in class since the class started.





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