Homework for Wed Sep 7, 2016

Your first recorded assignment of the semester!

Refer to pages 8 and 9 of your workbook. We have gone over this at least twice. If you have ANY questions about the assignment, PLEASE ask me. I will be available on email over the holiday weekend at least a little bit, so fire away!

Shoot for something achievable. Don’t try something crazy – there will be time to try some different and perhaps goofy things later on.

Struggling? Listen to some more demos. Talk back to them. Talk back to the radio and TV spots you hear. You should start to hear both your voice and the voice you are following. Hear it. Say it. Compare the voice tone, quality, age, etc. Decide if the product is something that a producer might conceivably hire a voice like yours to do.

Bring in the recording as directed in the instructions – AND bring in the transcribed copy (script) so that you can read/record it again in class.

Also, continue to read the book – I will be starting to cover the material in the first 9 chapters as I work through the spots you have selected. Chapters 1 – 9. The exercises start with Chapter 10.



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