Sound Conversational with Bob Bergen

Listening to Bob Bergen doing a live presentation on his program called “Ask the Pig.”

Talking about sounding conversational. Stop being a person in front of a microphone! You will get into voiceover mode. He says, the moment you start record, you slip away from your natural voice.

Be authentic and real. Stop adding unecessary emphasis to the words.

Why do celebrity actors get the jobs  – they are so comfortable with themselves – they deliver the copy as themselves – not what they think they should be.

We all have different sides of our personalities – find them. Don’t just read.

And don’t expect to do this overnight. It takes time to figure it out. He agrees with the advice to talk to one person. Have a conversation with one person. There is a relationship. Don’t let on that you are in your booth. Just what we talk about in class. Put yourself somewhere that connects you with the copy.



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