Be Ready for Private Meetings on Nov 16, 2016

Every class for the next 3 classes we will have time set aside for you to access the magazines looking for possible copy for your Private Meetings on Wednesday, November 16 to cull down your 12 suggested scripts/ideas for scripts to the 6 you will use for your Final Project.

Please refer to Pages 42 and 43 of your Workbook for the instructions on this PREP WORK for your FINAL PROJECT.

The meetings will be for approximately 10 minutes per student to go over your GRIDS that contain the breakdown for each product/subject you are thinking of including as a radio or TV spot. We will cull down the 12 suggested ideas to 6. If we can’t find 6 with enough variety, you can dig through the magazines again looking for something to provide the variety.

Because you can’t get into the classroom until I get there, the first person waiting could start a piece of paper with the order list. I will take you in order of signing up on this list. Once we are finished and you have the 6  you will need for the final, you may leave.

While you are waiting, you may look at examples of past projects to get an idea of what were graded as being pretty good projects.



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