A Word About Using Brand Names on Your Demo

There is a slight difference of opinion about what should go on a demo between the US and the UK (Europe too).

The US market has traditionally thought that demos are just that – a demonstration of what you can do – not necessarily what you have done.

Not so across the pond. They feel very strongly that anything you have on your “demo” that mentions brand names should be for work you have actually performed.


We’ve talked a bit about this in class. It is fairly easy to change up a brand name into something that sounds real. I have mixed feelings about this. If it is for a huge international brand with identifiable voices, then don’t use it on your demo. If it is for a lesser known brand, then it may not be an issue. But use your common sense.

What the producer is listening for is your ability to interpret the copy – whatever it is. They want to hear the story you are telling. Not hear you reading. So, focus on that. Find good scripts. Find a variety of products and subject matter. Find a variety of pacing and attitude and point-of-view. Hear the clips fully produced with sound effects and music. Think a bit like a producer as you find selections. Then take that hat off and bring the words to life.



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