Bookstore Information for Spring Semester

Currently, the Bookstore is in three locations – B105, B202, and the MS Bookstore.

 B105 – TEXTBOOKS ONLY.  To accommodate all students, textbooks will be sold in this location on a clerk-service basis.  This means that a Bookstore staff member will pull the books for each student according to their schedule.  It is extremely important that each student remember to bring his/her printed schedule in order to purchase textbooks.  Unfortunately, we are not able to use a student’s phone or other electronic device to access this information because of liability issues.  Therefore, the schedule should be presented to our staff in paper form.  We have arranged with Student Affairs to have computers and a printer available in the M Building lobby for students who forget to bring their printed schedule from home.  Due to space restrictions, ARTF, ARTG, COSM, NRSE, and MATH books will not be stocked in this location and will be stocked at the MS Store.

 B202 – SCHOOL SUPPLIES, CLOTHING, BACKPACKS, GIFTS.   REFUNDS will also be processed from this room.  Although this room is not clerk-service, space is limited so only a few students will be able to enter at one time. 

 MS STORE –  This Bookstore will stock ONLY ARTF, ARTG, COSM, NRSE, AND MATH and some school supplies, clothing, and sundries.  Clay will also be stocked in this store.   We are extending the hours of this store during the busy season to better serve students. 

 Just a reminder that textbooks are available through the website  We ask you to encourage your students to purchase books online to expedite the process.  The shipping fee is very small and we ship within 1 – 2 business days.


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