Homework for Mon Feb 6, 2017

Big bunch of homework for Monday! But most of you have done at least one of them already.

  1. Fill out your Student Questionnaire as described in class and be ready to say hello to everyone for about a minute. During that time, I will listen to your voice and see if I hear anything that needs to be addressed.
  2. Finish filling out the Listen to Working Voice Talent grid (Page 1 from the workbook)
  3. Finish filling out the Where Do You Hear Voiceover Artists? (Page 2 of your workbook) Remember – we discussed 4 of them in class today, so you should only have to come up with 8 more distinct kinds of voiceover work.
  4. Follow the instructions on pages 5 and 6 of your workbook – Describe Your Voice – just the top line “Self Eval.” You will be paired with someone from class to do the Team Eval.

Any questions, drop me an email.


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