Homework for Mon Feb 13, 2017

Please read the first three chapters of the Textbook – “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.” It is the 3rd Edition – the blue and white book – not the 2nd Edition – the orange-ish book.

We will be discussing the book on Monday – with an assignment to follow after the discussion.

Additionally – as discussed in class, please do the Radio Feedback exercise again, but this time find little videos online – search Explainer Videos or White Board Videos or Website Marketing Videos. All should take you to the kind of project that has a voiceover. Try the assignment talking back to these videos and then update your responses to the questions. That is due to turn in on Monday.

ALSO! As promised, we will hold auditions for the JAZZ-88 car donation PSAs.

I will send out an email with a link to the scripts on Sunday night. I do not want to send them out too soon, or you will read them way too many times before Monday and lock in a read that will in all likelihood not be fresh.

There will be copies of the script(s) on the copy stand on Monday when you get here.

Only students registered in my class this semester will be allowed to do the audition.


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