Homework for Wed Feb 15, 2017

Please look at Page 8 of your Workbook – Copy Points.

As mentioned in class, this has been modified slightly due to the auditions we did today pushing out schedule a bit.

So, please do record it and listen to what you did – but we will not be playing it back in class. HOWEVER – be prepared to read it aloud in class “live” – much like we did today for the auditions.

SO – with that change – you will need to transcribe the J-19 spot onto a piece of paper and print it out. If you hand write it – remember – nice block printing – upper and lower case. Use pen for this so that if we mark on it, it will not erase. That being said, bring your pencil, so that we can start marking the script.

Additionally, I added Number 4 to the list of 3 Written things.

  1. Identify the Product (what are you selling) _______________________________
  2. Identify the Client (who makes the product) ______________________________
  1. What/Who is the Demographic (the Audience) for this spot? _________________


4. Write down or highlight the key messages (also known as Copy Points!)




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