Another post on how to sound natural

One of the most frequent comments you hear during class is that the reads sounds like reading. That to grab a producer by the ears and make them pick you for the project, you have to sound like you are NOT reading. Hard to do when the copy is bad, but still a concept that you need to think about.

Here is another article by Paul Strikwerda to help you figure it out for yourself.

Here is a bit of the article – read the whole thing to get inspired for your next recording.

The relationship between a narrator and a listener is delicate, and intimate. Rarely will you be closer to a human being than when you’re whispering into his or her ear, even though both of you are invisible to the other.

At that moment of connection, you breathe life into the lines, creating a world with your words. It is your job to make that experience as truthful and natural as possible. When you manage to do that, a few things will happen:

1. The listener will be able to focus on the content, without being distracted by an over-the-top delivery.

2. The listener will become more receptive to your message, because you sound more real.

3. By treating your voice gently, you’ll be able to go on longer, because you’re not putting so much stress on your vocal folds.


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