Extra Credit – Hallmark

Pages 27 and 28 of your Workbook have this Extra Credit Assignment. This is due on Monday along with your Listening Grids and finishing up the rest of the Real Person reads.

You will find errors in almost every script you get. This is just a fact of life these days. People are moving so fast and during their editing process, they fill in what they think they see and the mistakes just are not seen.

So, you have to really make sure you understand what you are saying when you read a script aloud. If it doesn’t make sense, you need to recognize that! And then either ask for clarification, or figure out what the issue might be. It could be simple grammar, or a missing word. Grammar is usually fixed on the fly. A missing word is something you will probably have to ask about.

If you don’t notice that a word is missing, that could be one of two things – the missing word is an adjective and the sentence makes sense without it. Or YOU are not really hearing yourself as you say it.



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