Homework for Mon Apr 3, 2017

Mid-Term project: Create a radio or TV spot using a magazine ad. See Page 39 of your Workbook for the complete instructions if you missed class, came late or left early.

Use a mainstream magazine with ads for national products. Find something that has enough words so that you don’t have to completely write the spot on your own. Do not pick a product that is currently being voiced by a name star. Do not pick a very focused product (like a guitar amp) that would not be advertised on the radio or TV.

Do not use the Reader. Do not use AAA magazine. These publications either have only local ads, or they are co-op ads that are usually only print.

As we discussed in class, you are also starting to create a character from a picture that you selected in class or brought to class. After you pick an ad from a magazine and turn it into a spot that your regular voice is suited for, try reading it in the character voice you are working on. Let it loose. Let it wraps its brain around the words.

THEN, record the ad you wrote from the magazine ad in your regular voice.

Please bring your Mid-Term assignment to class AND bring your cartoon image and the Character Breakdown to class on Monday, April 3, 2017.




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