Homework for Wed Apr 12, 2017

OK, back on track. The assignment for Wednesday, April 12, 2017 is to select from Chapter 18 – a final character exercise AND a Group of Three (ABC read) exercise.

Use Pages 35 and 36 of your Workbook for the Assignment. PLEASE NOTE: I made a couple of executive decisions today in class about the assignment.

As always, read all of the sample scripts and pick one for playback in class. However, here they are broken down to what we discussed in class:


  • Good Versus Evil: Pick either the Evil Sorcerer or the Good Queen and do 2 complete reads back to back of them. The Group of Three technique will not work for this one, but a producer/director WOULD ask for multiple reads in a session.
  • Math Fun, Military Action, Western Round-Up, Space Attack, Sam the Fighter, Mordak and Glendalin ALL are to be done using the Group of Three (ABC read) technique

DO NOT DO Cutie Doll or Power Up.

If you chose to do Montabulous, then do the big paragraphs at least twice and the short lines as Group of Three (ABC read).


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