A Quick Hello and Welcome to the Class!

Welcome to the Acting for Radio/Voiceover Class Blog at San Diego City College. Check here for your homework assignments and links to additional information.  There is a copy of the syllabus and a calendar with important drop and withdrawl dates, as well as for holidays. Don’t forget to check the Voiceover Resources links on a regular basis.

Blackboard will have some material as needed and you will get emails from that system if something new has been added that is important. You will be able to check your grades/points online there during the semester.

This blog is updated as often as possible. If I don’t get the current homework assignment posted and you were in class the day the assignment was discussed, then NOT seeing it here is NOT my problem. If you have an excused absence (a doctor’s excuse is not necessarily an excused absence), then you will get a one day extension – which means that you will need to turn in the homework on the day you return to class.

Each of your assignments has a point value – you are graded down for turning things in late. Your attendance has a point value as well. The grade scale is as follows:

Grade Scale
100 – 94 = A
93 – 84 = B
83 – 74 = C
73 – 64 = D
Under 64 = F