Audio Recording Software

(106 Students Please NOTE: You do NOT need any software for the class – this is for information purposes only. Updated 7/30/14)

Free Audio Recording Software

– Link to website with some free software.

– Audacity
This is a free cross platform program.

– GarageBand
This comes free on many Macs. Or try this download.

Moderately Priced Audio Recording Software

– Sound Studio 4 (for Mac) – about $30

– Amadeus Pro – $60


– GoldWave – about $60 – one year license available for $20

Magix Audio Cleaning Labs – $59.99
Record, clean, export (mp3, aiff, wav, etc). The cleaning portion has wizards and presets that make the setup easy. Processes the audio on the fly, so you can hear the difference immediately. No multi-track recording. “Spectral Cleaning” feature for removing mouth noise, clicks and pops. (Thanks to my friend Joe Thomas for this info)

– Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 – $59.95

– WavePad – $60 (discounted from $130)
They usually have some sort of online charge discount going
Check to see if there is a discount for buying online – usually something like 30% off the normal price.  Only valid for Visa and Mastercard purchase option through this page.

– n-Track Studio EX – $89
An Audio & MIDI Digital Multitrack Recorder for the PC. I know nothing about this particular piece of software

– TwistedWave – about $80

They are beta testing an online browser based version.

– Pro Tools Vocal Studio (includes a USB mic) – about $100


Slightly More Expensive and/or Specialty Audio Software

– Adobe Audition CC – subscription based $20/mo for the single app
PC – Mac (Intel)

– Logic Express – about $200

– SAWStudio Basic – about $300

– Word 2 WAV – $175 (also have a Pay-per-click option)
Great for managing and processing multiple files with unique file names (IVR, e-learning)

– Read 2 Record – $73 per year

– Vox Studio – 399 Euros (about $535 as I write this on August 30, 2014)
Doing heavy duty IVR work with unusual file formats? Try Vox Studio.


4 thoughts on “Audio Recording Software

  1. I took your class about a decade ago if not more, I had to drop it because of a serious illness. But I am very glad to see that you are still in this business and better yet, still instructing.(I really liked your abilities) I see your recommendations for all the different software, but I don’t see any mention of a recording device. When I had the class before we were using cassettes, but obviously that would have changed. It would seem that you are recommending recording on to a laptop and using the software from the list? Thank you for your time, it is the most valuable thing we have, after our health. Good day to you.


    • Glad you are doing better. The software is for the next step AFTER you have decided to move forward. For practicing, you can still use a cassette recorder if you have one. Or an MP3 or digital recorder, even your cell phone can be used to practice. If you have a laptop (or computer) and a decent USB mic (please don’t use a cheap headset mic) you can certainly use one of the software programs mentioned and practice that way. The point is to listen and practice, evaluate and listen some more.


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