Interview with Marice Tobias

Ryan Dream talked with Maric Tobias recently. She is known as the “voice whisperer.” The meat of this interviews starts around 20 minutes into the podcast. Good stuff all through, but my ears perked way up after the 20 minute mark.

Her closing remarks were so so true…

“The more patient you are with your progress, the quicker you will move.”

Just Say “No”

I am Kevin Delaney’s newest biggest fan apparently. Yesterday I posted a link to an in studio video recording of one of his audio recording sessions and then today listened to a podcast he created about learning to say “no” to work that is simply not worth your time.

For anyone just starting out in this business, yes – take pretty much any VO job that crosses your path. But if you are a working professional with a steadily growing client base and creative skills, there will come a time when you need to learn how to turn down the work that just is not helping you continue to move forward.

Not only is this a truly inspirational podcast, it is exceptionally well done in every way – audio quality, content and delivery…simply superb.

This link is to where it currently resides.

Voiceover Podcasts

Listening to voiceover pros talk about the business is a great way to get information…FREE information. Always listen with an open mind! Not everything you hear is going to ring true – but start listening for common ground.

Vox Talk – weekly news podcast

Voiceover Experts – fabulous FREE information

Voice Casting – some ideas for producers on how to pick talent