Extra Credit Due April 24, 2017

Extra Credit Assignment – Cheese Wiz – on Pages 31 and 32 – is due on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Also be ready to play back your Narration or Documentary Assignment that was due last Wednesday in class on Monday.

For those of you who were absent, we discussed Marketing, so you will need to talk to me about this in more detail, although we will touch on marketing again throughout the rest of the remaining 3 weeks.

Homework for Wed Apr 19, 2017

Hmmm, guess I didn’t get this posted for you, but I am fairly certain that everyone got the assignment in class.

Here it is again. We are moving on to Chapter 16 in your Textbook – Corporate Narration and Documentaries.

Please refer to Page 40 in your Workbook for the Assignment. Here it is in case you like to read things off the screen instead of off paper.

Narration / Documentary / Multimedia

Moving on to documentary, marketing, training – and other forms of voiceover work. From Chapter 16 – select one piece to record and have ready for playback in class. As usual – read all of the exercises aloud before deciding which to select for playback in class.

The selections provide a variety of typical long form work – documentary, informational, employee communication piece, corporate rah-rah, training, audio tours, etc.

If you select the Talking Product script, do an ABC read for each line. If you do not know what that means by this time, please ASK me before you do the assignment.

If you select Museum Guide – there is a date typo – find it and write it down. You may not know what the answer is, but you would know to ask the question. This is good customer service!

If you select Happy Homes Realty, record either the “testimonial” for your particular gender OR the narration piece. The two sections require a different mindset – and would require different “Who are you?” descriptions to be turned in if you do both.

Do NOT select Company Voice Mail – it is not complete – editing error in the book.

There are two parts to the Written homework.

  1. Develop just the two Who’s this time – you need to know your relationship with the audience. Are you a peer? How does the audience feel about the subject matter you are presenting? Are you introducing a new concept to experts or explaining something new to the uninitiated.
  2. A short self-evaluation of what you recorded and why. Answer these questions
    1. Why did you select this particular script? This gets back to your need to be able to evaluate where you might fit in this business.
    2. Of the possible scripts – which did you like the least and why.

Homework for Wed Apr 12, 2017

OK, back on track. The assignment for Wednesday, April 12, 2017 is to select from Chapter 18 – a final character exercise AND a Group of Three (ABC read) exercise.

Use Pages 35 and 36 of your Workbook for the Assignment. PLEASE NOTE: I made a couple of executive decisions today in class about the assignment.

As always, read all of the sample scripts and pick one for playback in class. However, here they are broken down to what we discussed in class:


  • Good Versus Evil: Pick either the Evil Sorcerer or the Good Queen and do 2 complete reads back to back of them. The Group of Three technique will not work for this one, but a producer/director WOULD ask for multiple reads in a session.
  • Math Fun, Military Action, Western Round-Up, Space Attack, Sam the Fighter, Mordak and Glendalin ALL are to be done using the Group of Three (ABC read) technique

DO NOT DO Cutie Doll or Power Up.

If you chose to do Montabulous, then do the big paragraphs at least twice and the short lines as Group of Three (ABC read).

Homework for Wed Apr 5, 2017

For those who were not clear on what was due today. The Character from a Picture was due today along with the Mid-Term because you had to create the character in order to do the assignment of reading the commercial you selected for your Mid-Term AS your character.

For Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – You will be creating a new character to suit one of the spots in Chapter 14 of your text – Commercial Characters.

The assignment is detailed in your Workbook and includes another Character Breakdown worksheet. Pages 33 and 34.

Continue watching cartoons and animated features for the Cartoon Listening Grid.