It’s Not Easy Money!

Voiceover work is not Easy Money and even if you have some talent for the work it takes some time to break in.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to figure out if you fit and where, but even once you figure that out, it takes time to develop your contacts and reputation.

If you have a demo and are struggling with winning auditions, come join a new Workout group I am starting up. This is not for beginners.

First one is April 25, 2017. On Facebook? Click this link for the Information. Not on Facebook? Drop me a note and I’ll give you the details.


Inflection is everything

I just saw this on the VO-BB and had to post it here.

Remember our exercise using the word YES to mean NO?

This from Leo Rosten’s book “The Joys of Yiddish”: (The questioner as asking whether he/she should attend a concert being given by a niece. The meaning of the same sentence changes completely, depending on where the speaker places the emphasis:)

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning:, “After what she did to me?”

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning:, “After what she did to me?” I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: “What, you’re giving me a lesson in ethics?”

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: I wouldn’t go even if she were giving out free passes!

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–meaning: I’m having enough trouble deciding whether it’s worth one.

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–She should be giving out free passes, or the hall will be empty.

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–Did she buy tickets to our daughter’s recital?

  • I should buy two tickets for her concert?–You mean, they call what she does a “concert”?

Another post on how to sound natural

One of the most frequent comments you hear during class is that the reads sounds like reading. That to grab a producer by the ears and make them pick you for the project, you have to sound like you are NOT reading. Hard to do when the copy is bad, but still a concept that you need to think about.

Here is another article by Paul Strikwerda to help you figure it out for yourself.

Here is a bit of the article – read the whole thing to get inspired for your next recording.

The relationship between a narrator and a listener is delicate, and intimate. Rarely will you be closer to a human being than when you’re whispering into his or her ear, even though both of you are invisible to the other.

At that moment of connection, you breathe life into the lines, creating a world with your words. It is your job to make that experience as truthful and natural as possible. When you manage to do that, a few things will happen:

1. The listener will be able to focus on the content, without being distracted by an over-the-top delivery.

2. The listener will become more receptive to your message, because you sound more real.

3. By treating your voice gently, you’ll be able to go on longer, because you’re not putting so much stress on your vocal folds.

Jim Cummings Does a Bunch of Voices

As we move through the semester, we will have about 3 weeks on character voices. It is not just about making “funny voices,” rather it is embodying the true character of the character and sustaining it through any situations that the script might present.

Jim Cummings shows us in this clip just a few of his many personalities. Watch his face and body language change as he does this one simple phrase over and over.

Little Girl Voice from Grown Woman

We will be doing character voices during the semester and discovering why it is not just having a funny voice. It is about the character living and breathing inside you – a fully fleshed out believable person, animal or object.

Cristina Milizia is a professional voice actor specializing in toys, games and mobile game apps. She is most well known for her three League of Legends champions, “Annie”, “Amumu”, and “Nunu the Yeti Rider”.

She is a real grown up person with a “regular” voice that, while higher in register, is fully mature. But she can find the child in her as well.

This clip shows her working on lines for some kind of interactive project. Listen for the back-to-back reads of the same line with different inflections. You will be doing this a lot in class.