It’s Not Easy Money!

Voiceover work is not Easy Money and even if you have some talent for the work it takes some time to break in.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to figure out if you fit and where, but even once you figure that out, it takes time to develop your contacts and reputation.

If you have a demo and are struggling with winning auditions, come join a new Workout group I am starting up. This is not for beginners.

First one is April 25, 2017. On Facebook? Click this link for the Information. Not on Facebook? Drop me a note and I’ll give you the details.


Reading Ahead as You Read Copy

Another great article by Edge Studio!

If you find that you are not connecting with the copy, or you stumble a lot as you read, try using your peripheral vision.

This skill comes in very handy when you have to cold read anything. It will help increase your fluency. It will help you see what is going to happen next so that your brain can find the right words to emphasize.

Here are some practical exercises to help develop this skill.

Natural Breathing – Audiobook Tip

A couple of years ago, I took an audiobook class taught by Pat Fraley and Scott Brick. Lots of great information and time on mic. If you decide that you might have what it takes to do the marathon that is an audiobook, you might want to take this class the next time it comes to your town.

Here is a clip from Pat that talks specifically about how to reduce “slash” breathing. Those quick loud little gasps of air that happen because we are not breathing naturally.

Sound Conversational with Bob Bergen

Listening to Bob Bergen doing a live presentation on his program called “Ask the Pig.”

Talking about sounding conversational. Stop being a person in front of a microphone! You will get into voiceover mode. He says, the moment you start record, you slip away from your natural voice.

Be authentic and real. Stop adding unecessary emphasis to the words.

Why do celebrity actors get the jobs  – they are so comfortable with themselves – they deliver the copy as themselves – not what they think they should be.

We all have different sides of our personalities – find them. Don’t just read.

And don’t expect to do this overnight. It takes time to figure it out. He agrees with the advice to talk to one person. Have a conversation with one person. There is a relationship. Don’t let on that you are in your booth. Just what we talk about in class. Put yourself somewhere that connects you with the copy.


Interested in Audiobooks?

Here is a new article about audiobook written by Jim Moore whose profile says his blog (What If I’m Write) “is a give and take opinion blog devoted to sharing thoughts on the art of writing, audiobook production, books of interest, rants about the demise of the English language, the occasional pause for a great picture, and a general forum for nice, well-mannered people.”

This post if full of information about what it takes to do audiobooks from the point of view of an older retired person looking for something to do. Excellent commentary!

He details opportunities and obstacles…

Voice Actor Bob Bergen on Porky Pig’s Unique Sound

There is a great documentary called “I Know That Voice” that interviews many of the top cartoon voice actors about what they do and how they got into the biz. One of the people in the film is my friend Bob Bergen – the voice of Porky Pig and many many many other characters. He is a great teacher too, in case you are interested in learning more about character voices from one of the best around.

This is a short clip from that documentary where Bob explains how he does the voice of Porky Pig. (Thanks to your classmate Hector for reminding me that this was available.)