Former Students Who are Working?

20170408_163458Looking for a VO Workout in San Diego?

I decided to offer one – perhaps even once a month. First one is set for Tuesday April 25th, 2017 with more planned for the 4th Tuesday of the month. (No May due to travel.)

Read a variety of commercial and non-commercial copy with a small group of voice actors. Emphasis on helping hone your self-directing skills. Limit 8 people. $25. In studio.

The class is for those who have more than a basic understanding of voiceover and where they might fit. This is not for beginners. If you have any questions, please drop me a note.

In preparation for the class, I want you to think about what you do best. What kind of voice work is your bread and butter? Think about your recent auditions. Bring some of that copy if you have it. Did you land the gig? We need to make sure we are auditioning for the right things. And doing those auditions well enough to grab the producer’s attention.

The link above is a Facebook Event link. If you are not on Facebook, then you can click this button to access the Payment Page. $25.

Twisted Wave Debreathing Tutorial

My friend Christi Bowen is an expert at Twisted Wave (one of the many audio recording software programs voiceover folk use) and has created this little tutorial on how to use presets to “automatically” reduce the amplitude of the breaths in a long recording.

Not remove the breath entirely, but reduce the sound of the breath.

This is NOT a beginner tutorial or for someone who is not very skilled with editing and some basic audio concepts.

Jim Cummings Does a Bunch of Voices

As we move through the semester, we will have about 3 weeks on character voices. It is not just about making “funny voices,” rather it is embodying the true character of the character and sustaining it through any situations that the script might present.

Jim Cummings shows us in this clip just a few of his many personalities. Watch his face and body language change as he does this one simple phrase over and over.

Little Girl Voice from Grown Woman

We will be doing character voices during the semester and discovering why it is not just having a funny voice. It is about the character living and breathing inside you – a fully fleshed out believable person, animal or object.

Cristina Milizia is a professional voice actor specializing in toys, games and mobile game apps. She is most well known for her three League of Legends champions, “Annie”, “Amumu”, and “Nunu the Yeti Rider”.

She is a real grown up person with a “regular” voice that, while higher in register, is fully mature. But she can find the child in her as well.

This clip shows her working on lines for some kind of interactive project. Listen for the back-to-back reads of the same line with different inflections. You will be doing this a lot in class.

Natural Breathing – Audiobook Tip

A couple of years ago, I took an audiobook class taught by Pat Fraley and Scott Brick. Lots of great information and time on mic. If you decide that you might have what it takes to do the marathon that is an audiobook, you might want to take this class the next time it comes to your town.

Here is a clip from Pat that talks specifically about how to reduce “slash” breathing. Those quick loud little gasps of air that happen because we are not breathing naturally.

Interested in Audiobooks?

Here is a new article about audiobook written by Jim Moore whose profile says his blog (What If I’m Write) “is a give and take opinion blog devoted to sharing thoughts on the art of writing, audiobook production, books of interest, rants about the demise of the English language, the occasional pause for a great picture, and a general forum for nice, well-mannered people.”

This post if full of information about what it takes to do audiobooks from the point of view of an older retired person looking for something to do. Excellent commentary!

He details opportunities and obstacles…