Breathing – we need to breathe

One thing voiceover people (at least early on their career) dwell on is their breathing. We think about whether or not we should reduce the amplitude of the breaths that appear in our recordings. Cut them out completely. Or leave them alone. Well, that depends on HOW you are breathing.

Here is a great demonstration by my pal Patrick Fraley that shows you how you can breathe naturally and then just not have to think about this at all!

The example he shows us in this clip is from audiobooks which is a bit different from commercials where you are often pressed for time and can’t necessarily breathe naturally, but the concepts are the same.

6-Word Stories as Acting Practice (Edge Studio Tip)

Another great blog today by Edge Studio. I may use the concept of this one in class this semester. We sort of do with one exercise, but this post really lays it out clearly with more examples.

It asks the question – how many ways can you read a 6-word story?

The answer is A LOT of different ways using pacing, pauses, emotion, stress, and character. Each take should bring more and more story to the words. Try it. Record it. Play it back. Listen for the differences. Didn’t hear any? Then you need to work on your self-evaluation skills.

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Vocal Health – Intentional Vocal Fry

In order to do what we do, we have to not only be able to read copy effectively, but we have to keep our voices working!

I have a friend who makes a living in voiceover work with his whiskey and cigarette voice, but he is one of the exceptions to the rule. And he doesn’t do any long form work. Anything over a minute or so is pure torture to him.

The rest of us need to make sure we know how to breathe correctly and keep our vocal cords happy and healthy.

Here are some singing exercises that can help you in a lot of ways. This one talks about intentions and then analyzing the results. Using vocal fry to your advantage!