Get Some More Training

In response to repeated requests to provide additional coaching, I have decided to work in some private sessions as time permits. This could be for performance coaching, demo critiques, demo prep, etc.

$80 for an hour – in person or using Skype. Please contact me for more information.

If you can’t take my class, you need to understand the basics of the business before jumping in. Here is a website with some good information. A little bit LA centric, but still valuable.

Sign up for this Group Message Board for Voiceover people – go to the Critique section and listen to what people submit and read the critiques.

Here is a list of some recommended coaches and demo producers. (I’m just starting this list, so check back.)

Looking for a basic introduction class? Check out Media Performance Lab.

MultiMedia Arts is another with a beginner class in San Diego –

San Diego Voiceover Workout once a month on 3rd Wednesday
Beverly Bremers –

Promos –