Get Some More Training

In response to repeated requests to provide additional coaching, I have decided to work in some private sessions as time permits. This could be for performance coaching, demo critiques, demo prep, etc.

$80 for an hour – using Skype. Please contact me for more information.

Please visit my new Facebook Page and find out about VO Workouts in San Diego. Tentatively we are looking at doing them on the 4th Tuesday evening each month.

If you can’t take my class, you need to understand the basics of the business before jumping in. Here is a website with some good information. A little bit LA centric, but still valuable.

Sign up for this Group Message Board for Voiceover people – go to the Critique section and listen to what people submit and read the critiques.

Here is a list of some recommended coaches and demo producers. (I’m just starting this list, so check back.)

Looking for a basic introduction class? Check out Media Performance Lab.

MultiMedia Arts is another with a beginner class in San Diego –

San Diego Voiceover Workout once a month on 3rd Wednesday
Beverly Bremers –

Promos –