Homework for Wed Apr 19, 2017

Hmmm, guess I didn’t get this posted for you, but I am fairly certain that everyone got the assignment in class.

Here it is again. We are moving on to Chapter 16 in your Textbook – Corporate Narration and Documentaries.

Please refer to Page 40 in your Workbook for the Assignment. Here it is in case you like to read things off the screen instead of off paper.

Narration / Documentary / Multimedia

Moving on to documentary, marketing, training – and other forms of voiceover work. From Chapter 16 – select one piece to record and have ready for playback in class. As usual – read all of the exercises aloud before deciding which to select for playback in class.

The selections provide a variety of typical long form work – documentary, informational, employee communication piece, corporate rah-rah, training, audio tours, etc.

If you select the Talking Product script, do an ABC read for each line. If you do not know what that means by this time, please ASK me before you do the assignment.

If you select Museum Guide – there is a date typo – find it and write it down. You may not know what the answer is, but you would know to ask the question. This is good customer service!

If you select Happy Homes Realty, record either the “testimonial” for your particular gender OR the narration piece. The two sections require a different mindset – and would require different “Who are you?” descriptions to be turned in if you do both.

Do NOT select Company Voice Mail – it is not complete – editing error in the book.

There are two parts to the Written homework.

  1. Develop just the two Who’s this time – you need to know your relationship with the audience. Are you a peer? How does the audience feel about the subject matter you are presenting? Are you introducing a new concept to experts or explaining something new to the uninitiated.
  2. A short self-evaluation of what you recorded and why. Answer these questions
    1. Why did you select this particular script? This gets back to your need to be able to evaluate where you might fit in this business.
    2. Of the possible scripts – which did you like the least and why.

Ready to Join a P2P? Here’s a discount.

Just found out that Voice123.com is having a sale on their membership through April 21st.

So, if you have been thinking about it. If you have a good clean acoustically treated space. If you have a decent mic. If you have the ability to capture, edit and send files. If you know where you fit. Then you might want to take advantage of this $100 off opportunity.


Former Students Who are Working?

20170408_163458Looking for a VO Workout in San Diego?

I decided to offer one – perhaps even once a month. First one is set for Tuesday April 25th, 2017 with more planned for the 4th Tuesday of the month. (No May due to travel.)

Read a variety of commercial and non-commercial copy with a small group of voice actors. Emphasis on helping hone your self-directing skills. Limit 8 people. $25. In studio.

The class is for those who have more than a basic understanding of voiceover and where they might fit. This is not for beginners. If you have any questions, please drop me a note.

In preparation for the class, I want you to think about what you do best. What kind of voice work is your bread and butter? Think about your recent auditions. Bring some of that copy if you have it. Did you land the gig? We need to make sure we are auditioning for the right things. And doing those auditions well enough to grab the producer’s attention.


The link above is a Facebook Event link. If you are not on Facebook, then you can click this button to access the Payment Page. $25.


It’s Not Easy Money!

Voiceover work is not Easy Money and even if you have some talent for the work it takes some time to break in.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to figure out if you fit and where, but even once you figure that out, it takes time to develop your contacts and reputation.

If you have a demo and are struggling with winning auditions, come join a new Workout group I am starting up. This is not for beginners.

First one is April 25, 2017. On Facebook? Click this link for the Information. Not on Facebook? Drop me a note and I’ll give you the details.


Twisted Wave Debreathing Tutorial

My friend Christi Bowen is an expert at Twisted Wave (one of the many audio recording software programs voiceover folk use) and has created this little tutorial on how to use presets to “automatically” reduce the amplitude of the breaths in a long recording.

Not remove the breath entirely, but reduce the sound of the breath.

This is NOT a beginner tutorial or for someone who is not very skilled with editing and some basic audio concepts.